A Database on Histological Images of Murine Splenic Germinal Centers

GCImagePresenter is a database on 3,457 histological images of murine splenic germinal centers taken at different time points during a primary hapten-carrier immune response in BALB/c mice. Every image is accompanied by an evaluation of area size and cell numbers for various types of cells.

The database includes image series derived from three different triple immunofluorescence stainings. After choosing a staining by clicking on the images below you will be directed to an overview of the image series from where you can select image stacks by tissue ID and time after immunization.

By clicking on the data acquisition subprocess symbols below you will be directed to a detailed description of Materials and Methods.


Materials and Methods

Immunization Tissue sampling Cryosectioning Immunohistology Quantitative
fluorescence staining immunohistology